Shuxiang Yang


Ysaye’s Poeme Elegiaque found Yang spot on target, producing a lovely, richly expressive line with Li lavishing colour and atmosphere on it. … The duo were even more convincing in the Fantasy in C by Schubert. … Based on one of his songs - the text of which formed the poetic introduction to the performance - the music positively sung under Yang’s richly lyrical tone, while Li showed subtlety, delicacy and great refinement in her part. The poet’s message of undying love was so clearly delivered by these two musicians that the words, in the end, proved superfluous.
— Straits Times, 23 Aug ’16
Yang’s flamboyant, do-or-die style makes heads turn while always being true to the spirit of the music.
— Sunday Times, 28 Dec ’14
There exists a “golden generation” of young classical musicians in Singapore born in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Violinists feature prominently and Yang Shuxiang … is arguably the most flamboyant among them. His imposing stature, matinee idol hair and passionate response to music make him stand out. Musically, he is equal to the best of them and when these factors collude, sparks fly as this outing proved.
— Straits Times, 25 Aug ’14
Yang Shuxiang … gave arguably the finest solo performance in the history of the President’s Concert series. … Seldom has there been a performance of such intensity even from established concert veterans, one that grabbed the listener by the lapels from the outset and never let go. … Yang is destined to become one of Singapore’s giants of the violin.
— Straits Times, 14 Jul ’12
The buoyant Rigaudon, nicely paced by their able concertmaster Yang Shuxiang, was the high point of the concert.
— Straits Times, 26 Mar ’12
The most stunning performance came from … Yang Shuxiang, whose command of Sarasate’s Gypsy Airs was hair-raising.
— Straits Times, 1 Sep ’11
His Paganinian mane flew as his sonorous violin vibrato shone through like a laser in works by Vitali, Beethoven, Moszkowski and Ravel. Has there been a more stunning debut recital than that by Yang Shuxiang?
— Sunday Times, 27 Dec ’09
Yang displayed a sheer force of personality and a sonorous vibrato to match that were simply breathtaking.
— Straits Times, 18 Aug ’09